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Examination of the Master thesis on plagiarism

Nobody should decorate themselves with foreign feathers and feel honorable at the same time. However, many students do not know that plagiarism in the master’s thesis goes far beyond the scientific sense of honor and in the worst case can lead to more than dishonorable forced enrollment. Therefore, more andRead More

Plagiarism check: What must everything in the test text?

Most tools on the market do not calculate by number of jobs, but by volume. The more words the higher the cost. If you have jobs that have been specifically cited in your work, you should remove them before uploading them. You should also include your bibliography, as the programRead More

Guide: The master’s thesis in the company

The Master’s thesis can be more than just the chore at the end of your studies: your ticket to the job at the company of your choice. Many students no longer write their master’s thesis classically on a theoretical topic at a chair of their university, but opt ​​for theRead More